This is a superb area for exploring and tasting the many wines available from this region.

Starting in Limoux, this area is famous for its sparkling white wine known as Blanquette.Monks of the abbey of St Hilaire produced this wine in 1531.

It has been classified AOC since 1938. Still white wines of Limoux are also AOC ( 1981 ).

Cartagène is a sweet wine best served chilled and drunk as an aperitif or desert wine. In the past this wine was produced by winegrowers for their personal use.

Muscat another sweet white wine has been produces in the Aude region since ancient times, and is a favorite as an aperitif in this region.

Cabardés wine classified AOC is a mixture of grape Grenache and Syrah from the Mediteranean and Cot, Cabernet and Merlot from the Atlantic. It is a well-balanced and fruity wine. CLAPE produces fruity white wine, fresh and aromatic rose and spicy and full bodied red wines. All the wines are AOC. CORBIERES produces wines with generous and powerful aromas with nuances of fruits, leather and spices. Classified AOC.

Fitou is a very popular and well known wine AOC since 1948. A red wine with lots of body, ruby colored, robust in flavor and having an aroma of violet, licorice, spices, and scrubland flowers.

Malepère: both rose and red wines produced are full bodied and flavorsome with a bouquet of red berries and spice. The MINERVOIS produces various wines. The white wines of this region are sharp and tasteful while the rose wines are dry and fruity. Red wines are light with a structure allowing one to discover delicate aromas ol small wild fruits, tree flowers and honey. AOC since 1985.