A Reverie 5D adjustable bed is a great investment for any person looking to improve his or her sleeping comfort. The Reverie 5D model name has become synonymous with quality products,especially bed mattresses and adjustable beds. It is one of the most popular bed models on the market today.


The Reverie 5D adjustable bed is an upscale line base featuring many features for ultimate personalized comfort in your bed.


This adjustable bed consists of a fully padded mattress,memory foam padding in the headboard,footboard and under the mattress. These four pads create a relaxing sleep environment which can be adjusted in size by changing the mattress size. Also available is a memory foam mattress cover for protection and style.

The adjustable bed also includes two high-density fiberglass coils in the frame. These coils are designed to allow for a higher level of comfort and support by adjusting as needed. The headboard is also built into the frame,providing a comfortable place to rest your head while you sleep.


The Reverie 5D bed comes standard with a bed skirt,a nightstand and a matching nightstand table. The bed skirt can be easily removed without removing the bed itself,and a matching nightstand is also included,with a detachable footrest.

Advantages over standard bed mattresses and bed frames

Overall,the adjustable bed has many advantages over standard bed mattresses and bed frames. They provide comfort and support,and many models are available in various sizes so that you can choose one that suits your specific sleeping needs. It’s a great investment for anyone who wants their bed to be a luxurious part of their bedroom and not just a place to put a sheet on. Visithttp://www.feinschliff.net for more information.

Another advantage of the adjustable bed is its price. You can purchase these beds for well under $500 dollars depending on the model that you choose. These high quality beds are priced competitively compared to other similar models,yet they still offer a quality product with good value.

You should make sure that the bed that you purchase is suitable for your bed. In other words,if you have a smaller sized bed,a larger bed may not be the best choice. Also,if you have children you will want to make sure the bed is suitable for sleeping on.

When it comes to shopping for your adjustable bed,there are many options available online. Make sure you check the reviews and ratings for the particular model you are considering,and also look online for consumer ratings. to see how other people have rated the company that manufactures the adjustable bed.